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Know your farmer - know your food

Farm Store - Market Pickup
Local products available at select markets

Here you will find high quallity, pasture raised meat and dairy products. Locally produced and always hormone-free.

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Pastured Pantry - Home Delivery
Local products delivered right to your door

Like our products? Don't live near a farmer's market we participate in? Try our Pastured Pantry home delivery service.

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Meat Share - CSA Farming
Get your share of healthy, pastured meats

A Community Supported Agriculture program that offers periodic bundles of our grass fed, pasture raised meat.

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Pre-order turkeys that are free-ranged, fed an all vegetable diet, and never given antibiotics or animal proteins.

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Farm News



It’s hard to believe its December already.  Just a few more days and another year will be in the history books.  I’m not saying I will be sorry to see 2021 go, it’s been a very hard year for most small farms, but I’m not really looking forward to 2022 either.  Supply chain issues have all of us looking for alternatives and wondering what we’ll do if some of the items we depend on to raise our crops or animals become higher priced or the supply tightens even more.  For us one of the biggest concerns is fertilizer.  We use a good bit around here on our pastures but if the price gets too high, or the supply tightens much more, we may have to cut back which would be detrimental to our pastures and the quality of the grass our cows have to eat.  Corn farmers may decide not to plant corn which is a big user of nitrogen fertilizer. Too many farmers decide not to plant corn making the price skyrocket, its already 32% higher than same time last year, and supplies may dwindle making it hard to get corn to grind in our feeds.  You can’t raise chickens or hogs without corn and soybean meal.  But that’s getting ahead of ourselves, this month we look back into 2021 and review some of the year’s highlights and fails.

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We care about the food you eat

We care about the food you eat

Keegan-Filion Farm cares about what you eat. Our promise is simple:

  • Grass-Fed
  • Hormone Free
  • Antibiotic Free
  • No Animal By-Products
  • Humane Treatment of our Animals

The above terms may have different meanings depending upon who is using them but to us it is our pledge to you that what we produce will be the best that we can provide.

Read here for our definitions of these sometimes nebulous terms.


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