Our History

Barn Sign

Started in the mid 1930's by Annie Filion's great grandfather and grandfather, Keegan Farm was known as a corn, cotton, cattle and chicken farm. Annie's grandfather, John Andrew Keegan, had several thousand laying hens and sold fresh eggs out of the back of his pickup truck to local restaurants and residents. Later, Annie's father and uncles would raise cattle, corn, hay and hogs.The corn and hay fed the cows, the cows were sold at the local stockyard and the hogs were sold at the stockyards or used to feed the family.

The name of the farm was changed to Keegan-Filion Farm in 2004 to pay tribute to the family members that built the farm originally and to recognize the new family leadership that would lead the farm for the next several years until the fifth generation was ready to take the helm. Today the family continues the tradition of pasture raising their animals.

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