Holiday Turkey Pre-Orders

  • Posted on: 19 July 2015
  • By: admin

It's time to order your Thanksgiving and Christmas turkeys.  This year we will raise all Bronze Broad Breasted turkeys.  Bronze Broad Breasted turkeys are NOT a heritage breed but do have a richer flavor than the standard White Broad Breasted.  Our turkeys are free-ranged and fed an all vegetable diet; we never use antibiotics or animal proteins.  All processing is done at a USDA inspected, Certified Humane facility in Kingstree SC. All turkeys will be delivered frozen to insure safety and to meet the laws regarding selling or delivering meat at farmers markets. Prices for our turkeys under 12 lbs are $4.80 per lb, 12 lbs to 17 lbs are $4.40 per lb, and turkeys weighing 18 lbs and over are $4.25 per lb. To get on the list for either Thanksgiving or Christmas, simply fill out the order form and submit it through the website. To minimize confusion and missed orders, no orders will be accepted by phone or email.

Thanks for your support of our farm.

Annie, Marc, Amy, and Jesse

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